Genius! Thank you...
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Thanks Irsah
I thought maybe I was missing something obvious, so I'll have a try with your suggestions.
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seems better, but now i've a strange bug :
my index page in edit mode began messy...
no ot's ok it seems to work
the cache was the problem, thx for your help :)
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Yes I'm on board. I really like the product I just have to work on my learning curve.
Any suggestions on the #footer?
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That's the solution, thanks!
I changed the overall page size and then the margin.
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Wow. That's incredibly easy. I was trying all kinds of changes to the header.php file, and with my ignorance was making a mess. Thanks so much:)
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Kepada Bro Irsah saya hargai sangat komen penjelasan yang sangat terperinci dan membantu dari anda. Thank you again because keep support my blog
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Irsah, antara blogger baru yang eyriqazz kenali kerana Cabaran SEO Eyriqazz vs Denaihati. Kagum dengan entri dan kemahiran dalam menulis entri yang disertakan dengan research tersendiri dan lain dari yang lain. Salah seorang blogger yang mempunyai ilmu blogging yang agak mendalam pada pandangan Eyriqazz.
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A new Teaser Eyriqazz vs Denaihati by Irsah shows that Eyriqazz and denaihati done some breakdance?? Wow they look so young and energetic. So, who will the winner between both of them?? Is it eyriqazz or maybe denaihati??
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Right massive thanks to irsah for his help. maybe I was being slow but I completely missed some of the steps so I am going to share here for others.
To add a tagging system to your page to allow you to cross promote posts of similar content
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